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A tailor-made course exploring ways to supervise a team of workers

Supervising and Leading Others

A 1 or 2 day training course to help you develop effective leadership skills within your supervisory role

"Relevant, concise and well presented. Thank you."

"A worthwhile course given in a relaxed manner."

This bespoke training course is designed for anyone who wants to develop their understanding of the roles and responsibilities of being a supervisor, team leader, chargehand or foreman.

The aim of this course is to help you develop effective leadership skills within your supervisory role.

- Recognise the responsibilities you have as a supervisor
- Learn ways to deal with the challenges of the role
- Take ownership and support your staff within their work roles

"Really useful and engaging."

Content is designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation, and can include any of the following units:

Leadership overview
This unit looks at understanding the role of a supervisor, team leader, chargehand or foreman; the responsibilities, barriers faced and skills required, as well as exploring common mistakes made by newly-appointed supervisors.

Workplace culture
This unit looks at the importance of workplace culture and the role leaders play in developing that culture within their team.

Team development
This unit explores the Tuckman Model relating to team development.

What motivates people in the workplace? This unit explores the reasons we come to work and the reasons we work harder when we're there.

Leadership styles
This unit looks at three leadership styles that will effectively suit any given situation.

Providing constructive feedback
This unit addresses the importance of regular and constructive feedback. It identifies things to keep in mind when providing feedback and looks at different feedback techniques, including the sandwich technique and self-reflection.

Workplace communication
The unit on communication deals with the advantages, barriers faced and skills required to be an effective communicator. It addresses the three elements of face-to-face communication (what you hear, what you say, how you say it), active listening, questioning techniques, techniques for saying no, using the I statement, and the importance of positive body language.

Delegating and giving clear instructions
This unit explores the importance of delegating tasks and ways to give clear and precise instructions when assigning tasks to members of staff.

This unit looks at the importance of assertiveness in your role, looking at different types of assertiveness and ways in which to be assertive.

Goal setting
This unit addresses the importance of setting goals for staff members as well as yourself, using the SMART goal technique.

Time management
The unit explores techniques to prioritise and schedule tasks, tools to assist with time management, ways to manage interruptions, techniques to avoid procrastination, and ways to manage phone calls and email.

Running successful meetings
This unit looks at the common problems with meetings and 10 steps to running successful meetings.

Introducing change
This unit looks at the importance of following the correct steps to introduce change, the common responses to change and strategies for successful implementation.

Difficult conversations
70% of employees avoid difficult conversations in the workplace and this unit helps develop a strategy to make difficult conversations easier. It looks at ways to begin difficult conversations and questions to ask.

Coaching skills
This unit identifies the difference between coaching and mentoring, and looks at the stages of competency as well as learning styles.

1, 2 or 3 days

GBT Certificate of Attendance

Delivered at your premises (delivery facilities can be provided at an additional cost)

from £750 per group

"Very practical, insightful and appropriately paced."

"Being a new supervisor, everything Gary touched on was useful in supervising people and having the confidence to do so."

"Interesting and enjoyable activities throughout."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and can take a lot from it."


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