Staff Training Courses

Take a look at the wide range of staff development training courses we have to offer

Train the Trainer

2-day course: Learning styles, training plans, delivery techniques

Train the Trainer Express

1-day course: Learning styles, training plans, delivery techniques

Distance Learning Train the Trainer

Study at work/home: Learning styles, training plans

Improving Personal Impact

Increasing self-confidence and motivation

Facilitator Training

Effective facilitation, group dynamics

Coaching Skills

Coaching skills for managers and supervisors

Time Management

Time saving techniques and strategies

Presentation Skills

Designing and delivering effective presentations

Customer Service Training

Communication, uniformity and consitency


Structure, purpose and direction

Management Training

Communication, behaviour management, assertiveness

Supervising Others

Responsibilities, challenges, taking ownership

Leadership Skills

Workplace leadership

Effective Communication

Workplace communication skills

Providing Feedback

How to give constructive feedback

Managing Critical Incidents

Managing critical incidents

Telephone Techniques

Telephone customer service

Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

Behaviour response cycle

Delivering Employability Skills

Job search, CVs, interviews

Developing Your Clients' CVs

Layouts, career profiles, key skills

1-to-1 Coaching

Bespoke coaching sessions for staff development

PowerPoint Presentations

Creating effective PowerPoint presentations

Taking Minutes

Taking and writing effective minutes in meetings

Desktop Publishing

The principles of Desktop Publishing

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