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Individual and tailored support in preparation for your next interview

One-to-One Interview Coaching

Tailored support to help you prepare for your next big job interview

Delivered by our highly experienced employment advisors, our 1-to-1 interview coaching sessions are tailor-made to meet the demands of your upcoming job interview as part of our career support training. We'll work with you to understand the requirements of the job, matching yourself to these requirements and being fully prepared for the interview process. We can't guarantee results but we're very good at what we do!

Who is the course suitable for?
1-to-1 interview training is ideal for anyone who is looking for help in preparing for an upcoming job interview. That includes face-to-face, telephone and remote interviews (Skype, Zoom, etc).

1 hour session

Can be delivered at your home or many other suitable locations. Can also be delivered remotely over Zoom

from £45 per hour in Glasgow and surrounding area. Also available over Zoom


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We have 20 years experience in employability skills training and offer 1-to-1 interview coaching in Glasgow and the surrouding area