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Time-saving techniques that will enable you to be more productive, meet deadlines and achieve your goals

Workplace Time Management Training Course

We can't change the time we have, just the way we use it.

"Very good and informative course that included techniques I will include in my working day."
"Probably one of the most useful and best training courses I have attended."


Time management is an essential skill we all need. This course will show you time saving techniques and strategies to enable you to be more productive, meet deadlines and achieve goals (now also available remotely)


At the end of the course you will be able to:
   - Plan and prioritise your workload
   - Deal with distractions
   - Successfully delegate when appropriate

"I really enjoyed this course and it will definitely benefit my time management in my work and personal life."



The course content is as follows:

Advantages, consequences and skills
A look at the advantages of effective time management, the consequences of poor time management and the skills needed to effectively manage your time

Reviewing tasks
Introduction of a method for reviewing the tasks that make up your workload

Planning and Prioritising
A look at manual and digital planning tools and techniques for prioritising your workload using a unique and highly effective system

Managing interruptions
Techniques to minimise interruptions and take more control of your time

Techniques to avoid procrastinating and putting off things you should be doing now

Avoiding taking on too much
Techniques you can use to stop you taking on more than you can realistically handle

Techniques to effectively delegate tasks and ensure they are the done the way you want and when you want

Managing email
Ways to manage and categorise the emails you receive

Managing phone calls
Techniques to make effective use of the time you spend on the phone

"An excellent course that opened up new approaches to time management."

1 day

GBT Certificate of Attendance

"Tremendously beneficial to have effective ideas shown and explained to you."

Delivered at your premises or via Zoom

from £750 per group


Time Management has been delivered to Westerfield Care, New College Lanarkshire, Terex Trucks, Queens Cross Housing Association, Who Cares? Scotland, The BIG Partnership, Mearns & Company  and many others.

Time management training is part of a range of business skills development training courses we offer as part of an employees' professional development.

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"Thoroughly enjoyable training and well worth attending."

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