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Increasing staff self-confidence and motivation

Improving Personal Impact in the Workplace (IPI)

A one or two-day highly interactive personal development workshop to help increase confidence, self-esteem and the impact you have on others at work.

"This course has given me more confidence to deal with workplace situations, and has shown how setting goals and being assertive can be valuable in work and at home."

This course is designed for staff members who would like to improve their confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness and motivation.

The aim of this course is to identify your best qualities, the effect you have upon other people, and to develop ways in which you can improve your personal impact.

"This course has proved beneficial to both my work and personal life."

A personal impact audit!
Understanding confidence and self-esteem
Recognising barriers to success
Getting to know your skills, strengths and qualities
Workplace communication
Being ready for difficult conversations

"A great course that taught me a lot about myself."

1 or 2 days

GBT Certificate of Competence

Delivered at your premises (delivery facilities can be provided at an additional cost)

"Loved this course, made me look at my life from another angle."

from £750 per group


"I've really enjoyed this course and I've definitely come away with new skills and techniques that I will be putting into place in work and personal life."

"Great course and really worthwhile."

"Great content, fab trainer, time spent constructively."

"I thought it was a great course, very though-provoking. The mixture of activities was really good, and the whole day was a great experience."

"I have enjoyed gaining the encourgement to be a success in my life, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere."

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