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Interactive customer service training for staff at all levels

Customer Service Training

A one-day interactive workshop to help you provide excellent levels of customer service

"I feel as though I have gained more confidence within myself to deal with the public."

This customer service course is designed for those who are new to customer service or those who are looking to refresh and develop their existing skills. It can consist of any of the following six units.

1. What is customer service and why is it important?
The aim of this unit is to ensure a unified understanding of the purpose of customer service and to draw on attendees’ personal experiences, both good and poor.

2. The fundamental needs of all customers

The aim of this unit is to establish the basic expectations of customers in all settings, and to see how these apply to a specific situation.

3. The golden rules of customer service
The aim of this unit is to recognise the unbreakable rules of customer service. For example:
• The customer comes first
• Always follow through on promises
• Be professional in every situation
• All customers are different
• To the customer, YOU are the company

4. Customer interaction
The aim of this unit is to understand the components of customer interaction. This will include:
• Staying within professional boundaries
• Using appropriate language at all times
• Meeting/managing customer expectations
• Taking ownership and responsibility
• Using active listening skills
• Knowing what to say and what not to say
• Using questioning techniques to meet customer needs
• Dealing with a challenging/emotional customer

5. Handling complaints
The aim of this unit is to ensure a uniform approach to handling customer complaints. This will include:
• Acknowledging the problem
• Gathering all the facts– even if you need to pass it on to someone else
• Explaining to the customer how the problem will be dealt with
• Providing customers with updates, even if there is nothing new to tell them
• Making sure the customer is satisfied with the outcome

6. Preparing for a difficult conversation
The aim of this unit is to make difficult conversations productive for both parties. This will include:
• Identifying what you want to achieve
• Ensuring you have all the facts
• Being prepared to admit the part you have played
• Picking the right time and location
• Delivering the news clearly, concisely and confidently
• Allowing it to become a conversation
• Ensuring the conversation reaches a conclusion
• Scheduling a follow up conversation to ensure the customer is satisfied

Full day

GBT Certificate of Attendance

Delivered at your premises (delivery facilities can be provided at an additional cost)

from £750 per group

"Gary was great in explaining things and giving examples. Course was really helpful, interactive and fun. In general, much more than I expected."

"Very professional delivery. Well paced and informative."

"A fantastic course that will benefit me loads."


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