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Learn how to create all types of documents using DTP software

The Principles of Desktop Publishing (DTP) Training

A 1-day course that introduces the basics of Desktop Publishing

This one-day desktop publishing course will show you all you need to know regarding the basics of desktop publishing. Using Microsoft Publisher or similar software, you will learn how to design and produce flyers, posters, business cards and many other documents through hands-on and theoretical interaction.

At the end of the course you will be able to:
Recognise the types of software required for DTP
Understand the importance of typography
Use drawing and image editing utilities
Utilise design principles and composition rules

Principles of Desktop Publishing is an intensive 1-day course that focuses on DTP basics for home and business use.

Understanding layout and the principles of design
Typography and working with fonts
Working with images
Working with drawing tools
Design layout
Composition rules
Placing images, graphics and tables
DTP terminology

1 day

Delivered at your premises (IT facilities required)

from £650 per group

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